Stormwater Program Support

Client: Naval Station Great Lakes

SpecPro supported the Navy as it contemplated establishing a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System for the north and south branches of Pettibone Creek up to the boat basin at the Naval Station Great Lakes, including:

  • Identifying and quantitatively evaluating point and non-point sources at the base that contribute to Pettibone Creek
  • Identifying data and processes that were used in the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System permit

As part of support to Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command, SpecPro:

  • Identified, labeled, and logged stormwater outfalls
  • Collected outfall characterization data
  • Identified and logged washout areas
  • Collected and analyzed surface water and sediment samples
  • Investigated, identified, and logged undocumented outfalls
  • Prepared a source survey and Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System preparedness evaluation report.