Stormwater and Hazardous Waste Sampling

Client: Naval Air Station Corpus Christi

SpecPro supports the hazardous waste and stormwater management programs to ensure compliance with federal and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality regulations.

SpecPro samples and analyzes hazardous waste in accumulation/storage areas, and reports waste profiles to the Environmental Division to ensure proper documentation and disposal of waste generated from base military tenants.

SpecPro also conducts stormwater quarterly visual monitoring for turbidity, color, and other sources of visible pollution, and metals benchmark sampling at stormwater outfalls to ensure compliance with the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi stormwater pollution prevention goals and permits.

"The contractor has been very helpful with providing documentation and procedural information. They are very thorough and timely. They have gone beyond expectations with the quality of the documentation provided regarding calculations and regulatory compliance objectives."