Environmental Program Management Support

Client: 63d Readiness Division

SpecPro supports a wide variety of environmental compliance and training services for 130 U.S. Army Reserve facilities throughout the southwestern United States, including Arizona, Arkansas, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Our highly qualified Area Environmental Managers and Environmental Program Managers address the increasingly complex federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations in place across these locations. Under this effort, SpecPro personnel assist the 63d Readiness Division in:

  • Developing, implementing, and assessing environmental programs and management plans
  • Corrective action plans
  • Environmental risk
  • Environmental Condition of Property reports
  • Property disposal and acquisition reports
  • Finding of Suitability to Transfer reports
  • National Environmental Policy Act documentation

SpecPro staff conduct site investigations, inspect 63d Readiness Division facilities, and calculate statistics associated with inspection findings and repeat violations to ensure compliance with federal, state, local, Department of Defense, and Army environmental regulations and other regulatory requirements.

SpecPro works extensively with U.S. Army Reserve-unique software applications including:

  • Environmental Performance Assessment System
  • Environmental Progress Review
  • Army Environmental Database - Environmental Quality
  • Hazardous Substance Management System
  • Army Reserve Geographic Information Support System
  • Web-based Compliance Assessment and Sustainment System
  • Web Application System for Turn-In Execution

The project requirements have the added complexity of compliance oversight with differing state and local laws and regulations and individual state accreditation, licensing, and training requirements.

SpecPro also supports real property transactions and provides environmental compliance documentation for facility closures, transfers, and acquisitions.

"Their work products are so consistently professional and accurate that they have helped the 63d establish favorable relationships with regulators, tribes, agencies, and other stakeholders across our seven state operating area. I view SPS as consultants with significant reach-back capability in every subject."

"The SPS staff have exceeded schedule requirements consistently and have been creative in finding efficiencies to accomplish this. They have been able to quickly mobilize and respond to unexpected and temporary increases in workload."
"SPS’ management is always professional, accessible, and responsive. Management meets me in person on a regular basis to make sure they are exceeding my expectations. SPS recruits highly-qualified and capable professionals and retains key personnel with institutional knowledge."
"Exceptional Management execution of programs. SPS’ management is always professional, accessible, and responsive. SPS recruited highly-qualified and capable professionals and retained key personnel with institutional knowledge."
"SPS' transition from the incumbent was seamless and there was no gap in service or knowledge. They anticipate needs and arrange subcontractor support on projects in a way that fits seamlessly with the rest of the Environmental team’s efforts."
"SPS has exceeded the expectations of supporting the mission of the 63d Readiness Division by maintaining positive relationships with local, state, and federal regulators."
"SPS is the best company I have worked with and I have been managing Federal environmental programs for over 30 years."