DoD Utilities Privatization Post Award Workshop

Client: U.S. Department of Defense

SpecPro organizes, coordinates, and hosts a series of annual utilities privatization workshops for multiple Department of Defense agencies focused on providing utilities privatization post-award training and discussion.

Utilities privatization program managers, contracting officer’s representatives, and system owners attend a three day session with Department of Defense Senior Leaders and breakout sessions covering topics such as playbooks, new connections, post-conveyance reviews, and five-year planning.

"I wanted to thank SPS for the outstanding performance before, during, and after the UP Workshop. As a team, you all showed initiative, creativity, and professionalism. I never had to worry if something was being done or done correctly, you were always ahead of the curve, willing to take the extra steps, and always mindful of the results. It was my sincere pleasure to work with SPS on this. The success of the Workshop rests largely on your efforts. Many have already paid compliments on the Workshop.”